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Water Sports Code: SNWS03

1200.00 per head


Grand Total: 1200.00 only


  • Wear sunscreen! You may be on the surface of the water for hours, and a painful sunburn is inevitable if you don't apply lots of strong, waterproof sun block. Even if the sky is cloudy, the reflective qualities of the water can amplify the sun's power.
  • Be ecologically responsible. Try not to interfere with the marine life you are observing—including coral. Coral reefs are very delicate and any piece you snap off or crush with a careless foot can take years or decades to grow back.


  • Avoid hyperventilating. Slow, steady breathing is the key to snorkeling. Hyperventilating with a snorkel can make you pass out in the water—clearly a dangerous prospect.
  • Stay hydrated. You can lose a lot of water in the sea. If you plan to snorkel for hours, make sure you take breaks to get a drink. Whatever you do, don't drink salt water.
  • Being in the ocean is never truly safe. It is possible to encounter sharks, stinging jellyfish and other dangerous marine animals even in highly touristy snorkel spots. There are also riptides that can tear you out into open water and large waves that can dash you against sharp rocks. Make sure you are confident in your swimming abilities and never go snorkeling alone.
  • Be aware of where you are. Following some sparkling fish it can be easy to find that you have paddled further out to sea than you had planned. Avoid dangerous situations by being mindful of how far you've gone.

Things you’ll need


  • One diving mask
  • One snorkel tube
  • One pair of fins
  • A swimsuit or a wetsuit for cooler water
  • Sun block

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